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Contributing to Rxx

Getting Started

First, consider whether your extensions would be better suited in Microsoft's Reactive Extensions for .NET (Rx) libraries. Our goal is not to supersede Rx, but to supplement it. Search the Reactive Extensions for .NET (Rx) Forum to see if your idea is already implemented. Consider starting a new discussion to get feedback on your ideas from the community and the Rx team.

Then, if you still feel that Rxx is an appropriate library for your extensions, please let us know.

Here are your options:


Start a new discussion to tell us your ideas. We may be interested in implementing them if you don't want to.


Download the Rxx source code and submit an unofficial patch. Read Making Contributions below for more information.


Read the solution's "Artifacts\Goals and Guidelines.txt" file to see if you'd like to become an official Rxx contributor.

If you're still interested, reply to our Official Contribution Request Thread and request a position as an official contributor. Or you can contact one of the project coordinators directly via their CodePlex contact form.
  • Include very brief information about your technical experience as a C# developer.
  • Tell us about your knowledge and experience with Microsoft's Reactive Extensions for .NET (Rx).
  • Tell us about the contributions that you would like to make.

Making Contributions

This section provides information on how to make unofficial and official contributions to Rxx. You must be accepted as a contributor before you can make official contributions that will be included in the Rxx deliverables, or you can upload unofficial patches for the Rxx team to consider.

How to make code contributions to Rxx

You can start by downloading the latest source code changes from CodePlex. For details on how to open and build the solution, see How To Build the Source Code.

You will need our private strong-name key file to compile the projects. This file is not included in source control.

How to make unofficial code changes to Rxx

  1. Simply disable strong-naming on the Signing tab of each project. You can begin coding immediately, without our strong-name key.

How to make official code changes to Rxx

You have two options:
  1. Make unofficial changes and submit a patch. Patches will be included or denied at the team's discretion, with or without notification.
  2. Make a request to join the Rxx project as an official contributor in our Official Contribution Request Thread.
If accepted, request the Rxx.snk file and a project coordinator will email a copy to you. Keep this file in a secure location at all times. Although the security of this key is not crucial to the maintenance and development of Rxx, it helps end-users to ensure that they are using a trusted and official source.
We trust that you will maintain the secrecy of this key to the best of your ability. Thanks.

The following tools are required to develop Rxx

Microsoft Code Contracts (Latest Release)
StyleCop (Latest Release)
Visual Studio 2010
Premium Edition or higher is recommended, but is not required. The Code Contracts static checker and Code Analysis will be enabled for all distributable libraries, but these tools are only supported in Premium Edition or higher. If you do not have Premium Edition or higher, then you will not see code contracts and code analysis warnings but you'll still be able to build the projects regardless.

Recommended Additional Tools

IntelliSense Code Snippets
To install our snippets, read the instructions in the solution's Build\Snippets\_Read Me.txt file.

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