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Thanks for this excellent work!

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Mar 14, 2012 at 4:40 AM

I had a few questions that both Dave and James answered over on the forum, big thanks to you for that.  I can clearly see RX changing things a lot!  It's almost as if we can create client side servers.  That is we can point to anything and serve it up!  I haven't yet fully realized the possibilities, but I will say this, in my first project I spent 1 week learning RX and accomplished something that took me three weeks using Silverlight.  As cool as Silverilght was, it could be a bear..

Was wondering what your thoughts were on looking into Entity Framework?  The reason I ask is that I noticed in the project above, that the User side response was much much better when choosing Observable over IEnumerable.  One of the big issues I've seen with EF is the major delay in mashalling all that data into WPF layer.  If query is too big it just takes a long time.  I'm guessing that a move to ObjectSet's that are observable would fix this.  I would even give it a try but don't know how to do this work.  If you already have WCF observables and SQL observables, I'm guessing that EF observables is already close at hand.

Why do we like EF so much?  Because it allows us to map datatable schema, set it up as a datasource to the project and literaly drag a Grid or Detail form into the designer with all the fields there.  This alone saves days of tedious and fault prone work. This is to me the major value of EF.  It also has a reputation of being a bit slow.  Observables will solve that issue.

Mar 15, 2012 at 12:24 AM


Thanks for your interest in Rxx.

> Was wondering what your thoughts were on looking into Entity Framework?

I have already.  Unfortunately, EF only provides synchronous APIs.  The only database API that I could find with async support was SqlCommand, which now has extensions as of Rxx 1.3.

You should let the EF team know that you'd like asynchronous features.  I wouldn't mind having them either.

- Dave

Mar 15, 2012 at 12:29 AM


I noticed that you have requested a position on our development team, but you've opted out of being contacted through CodePlex, so I can't email you to discuss it.

Here's the description that we've posted on our People page:

Looking for C# devs that are knowledgeable and experienced in Rx. Must have unique ideas for extensions to contribute and maintain.

We also adhere to strict coding guidelines and try to set the quality bar very high.

Read this for more information: Making Contributions

Please contact me here to let us know whether you're still interested.